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 Does Your Case Need Digital Forensics?

Consider the Following Questions


  • Where is the evidence located?
  • What devices or locations?
  • Is there any potential evidence on your phone? Even deleted?
  • What about broken phones or hard drives?
  • Is there any cloud data?
  • What about backups? Even phone backups?
  • Where are the emails?
  • Was anything deleted? Even by you?
  • Where do you think the opposing party’s Electronically Stored Information is located?
  • Do social media chats or comments play a factor?
  • Is there any encryption?
  • Has the Electronically Stored Information been collected in a forensically sound manner?



Decipher Forensics was founded in 2011. Our goal at Decipher Forensics is to provide computer forensics, cell phone forensics, data recovery and incident response. In each of these practices Decipher Forensics has trained professionals to fulfill your needs.

Are you in need of computer forensics? We have the largest privately owned computer forensics lab in the state of Utah. This allows us faster turn around times for our clients. Cell phone forensics is a favorite among our examiners here at Decipher Forensics. Internet forensics, social media forensics, not to mention deleted text messages are common place in our findings when performing cell phone forensics for our clients.

Our computer forensics cases have included, litigation, intellectual property, homicide, kidnapping, divorce, missing persons, child exploitation, internal affairs, hacking, corporate espionage, wrongful death, personal injury, fraud and embezzlement.

Do you need affordable data recovery? We offer an in-house clean room and all of the latest in software and hardware. Decipher Forensics can diagnose and perform your data recovery.

Has your organization been breached? Our goal at Decipher Forensics is to work with our clients to craft a Readiness Assessment Plan. Then in the event of a breach, run the incident from start to finish. We will help you prepare for the incident, investigate and identify the threat, contain the threat, eradicate the threat. Our goal is to help you recover as much as possible and go through an entire incident review to help you through the lessons learned.

Decipher Forensics has performed its computer forensics services for hundreds of clients. We have clients in 27 different states and three foreign countries. Computer forensics is our passion. Let us see how we can assist you.

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